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Maktabah Ar-Rahmah

Maktabah ar-Rahmah is a Islamic Books Store in North America established in 2020, specializing in books of the Islamic sciences.

Although based in the United States, we ship internationally to customers all over the worldwide. 

At the moment, we are official Islamic Books Distributors stock various Islamic Studies curriculums, including An-Nasihah Islamic Curriculum and Safar Islamic Curriculum, both used by Masjids, Maktabs and Islamic schools across the country and worldwide.

We strive to offer our valued customers the best prices in the market.

We will very soon be expanding our library to include books of all the various Islamic sciences such as such as tafsīr, ḥādīth, ʿaqīdah, fiqh, naḥw, ṣarf, balāghah, manṭiq, etc. We will be stocking books of publishers from Turkey, Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, United Kingdom, India, Pakistan, and more.

If you have any book requests, or require large quantities of a certain book, you may gladly reach out.

ar-Rahmah Books

Available at Maktabah Ar-Rahmah

An-Nasihah Curriculum

Comprehensive Islamic education for children and youth.

Safar Islamic Curriculum

Progressive Islamic learning for children, covering essentials.