An-Nasihah Curriculum

An-Nasihah Curriculum providing enrichment for our future generation in a fun and engaging way. Specialising in the Islamic Curriculum used in Islamic Studies lessons across the world. Founded in 2012.

An-Nasihah Curriculum

1. Used by Maktabs & Islamic Schools Worldwide
2. Complete Syllabus of 8 textbooks and workbooks
3. Easy, Enjoyable & Colorful

An-Nasihah Curriculum

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Islamic Learning with Maktabah Ar-Rahmah

Embark on a captivating journey through Islamic education with Maktabah Ar-Rahmah, your official distributor for An-Nasihah Publications’ Islamic Curriculum.

This meticulously crafted curriculum is your key to a world where learning about Islam is not just educational but truly engaging and enjoyable.

Designed specifically for the young Muslims of today, it spans across 8 series of books, blending essential content with colorful illustrations and inspiring stories, all derived from authentic sources verified by senior scholars.

Explore now and discover the treasure trove of Islamic knowledge waiting to enrich your child’s life.

Why Choose An-Nasihah Islamic Curriculum from Maktabah Ar-Rahmah?

Comprehensive Learning in One Book: Dive into the depths of Fiqh, Aḥādīth, Sīrah, Tārīkh, ʿAqāʾid, Akhlāq, and Ādāb, all tailored to the age and needs of young learners in a single, consolidated coursebook..

Fun and Interactive Workbooks: Enhance understanding with corresponding workbooks filled with differentiated activities, employing Bloom’s taxonomy to involve students actively in their learning journey.

Authentic and Referenced: Trust a curriculum developed solely from authentic sources, ensuring your child receives an accurate and reliable Islamic education.

Affordable Quality: Gain invaluable knowledge without breaking the bank. An-Nasihah Publications offers great value for money, making comprehensive Islamic education accessible to all.