An-Nasihah Islamic Curriculum: Coursebook 1


The first part of the An-Nasihah Islamic Curriculum series.
Key topics of this book include:
– Five pillars of Islam
– Introduction to Ṭahārah and Method of Wuḍūʾ
– Aḥādīth on helping others, cleanliness and speaking the truth
– Childhood and Youth of our Beloved Prophet Muḥammad ṣallallāhu ʿalayhi wa-sallam
– Stories of Ādam ʿalayhis-salām and Nūḥ ʿalayhis-salām
– Articles of Faith and some Qualities of Allāh
– Importance of Respect and Cleanliness
– Etiquettes of Eating, Drinking, Sleeping and Using the Bathroom

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This book is the first in a series known as the Islamic Curriculum. It discusses vital issues such as the five pillars of Islam, the necessity of hygiene, anecdotes from Prophet Muhammad’s sayings about helping others, the importance of being truthful, and more. This book also contains facts on our beloved Prophet Muhammad’s childhood and youth. It offers stories about major individuals like as Adam and Noah and discusses Islam’s main principles, the significance of giving respect, and how to behave whether eating, drinking, or sleeping.

Subject Topics Details
Coursebook Guide Age Range 6 – 7yrs
Fiqh Basic Introduction to Five Pillars of Islam Shahadah, Salah, Zakah, Sawm, Hajj
Introduction to Taharah Method of Wudu’
Ahadith 5 Ahadith Feeding the Hungry, Helping Others, Doing Things Slowly, Cleanliness, Truth
Sirah Life of Our Beloved Messenger Muhammad Childhood, Youth, Marriage to Khadijah, The Children
Tarikh Prophets Adam, Nuh
‘Aqa’id Articles of Faith Qualities of Allah, Allah the Provider, Allah The Merciful
Akhlaq Moral Conduct Respect, Cleanliness, Politeness in Speech, Smiling, Starting from the Right Hand Side
Adab Etiquette Eating, Drinking, Sleeping, Waking up, Using the Washroom

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