An-Nasihah Islamic Curriculum: Workbook 4


The fourth workbook of the An-Nasihah Islamic Curriculum series. The workbook contains different activities using Bloom’s taxonomy.
Key topics of this part include:
– Masaḥ, Ṣalāh and Fasting
– Aḥādīth on Character, Trust, Kindness and Equality
– Migration of the Prophet ṣallallāhu ʿalayhi wa-sallam to Madinah and the First Battles of Islam
– Stories of Yaʿqūb ʿalayhis-salām and Yūsuf ʿalayhis-salām
– Major Signs of Qiyāmah
– Rights of Neighbors and Trust
– Etiquettes of Duʿāʾ, Guests and Gatherings

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This is the fourth book in the series Islamic Curriculum workbook 4. It teaches fundamental skills such as masah ‘alal khuffayn (wiping over socks), fasting (sawm), anecdotes from Prophet Muhammad’s sayings on rejecting prejudice, and the oath of ‘Aqabah. In this book, you’ll also learn about Ya’qub and Yusuf, as well as several major indications that are thought to occur before the end of the world (Qiyamah), why fulfilling commitments is important, and how to do dua’ (supplication).

Subject Topics Details
Coursebook Guide Age Range 9 – 10yrs
Fiqh Masan ‘Alal Khuffayn, Masan on Wounds, Wajibat of salah, Sajdah as-Sahw, Sawm Tarawih
Ahadith 10 Ahadith Feeding Others, No to Racism, Good Character, Thanking Others, Friends, Kindness, Trust, Keys to Paradise, Dhikr, Du’a
Sirah Life of Our Beloved Messenger Muhammad The Pledge at ‘Aqabah, Hijrah Journey, Arrival in Madinah Munawwarah, Treaties with the Jews, The Hypocrites, Battles of Badr, Uhud & Anzab
Tarikh Prophets Ya’qub, Yusuf
‘Aqa’id End of Times Major signs in Detail: Mahdi, Dajjal, ‘Isa, Ya’juj Ma’uj, The Beast, The Sun Rising from the West, The Smoke, Landslides, Blowing of the Trumpet, The Day of Qiyamah, Mizan, and the Bridge
Akhlaq Character Building Trust, Seeking Permission Before Entering, Removing Harm from the Road, Being a Good Neighbor
Adab Etiquette Adab of Du’a, Dressing, Guests & Hosts, Sitting in a Gathering, Istinja

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