An-Nasihah Islamic Curriculum: Workbook 8


The eighth workbook of the An-Nasihah Islamic Curriculum series. The workbook contains different activities using Bloom’s taxonomy.
Key topics of this part include:
– Rulings of Nikāḥ, Maḥārim, Business Transactions
– Aḥādīth on Rights, Closeness to Allāh, etc.
– Stories of Ayyūb ʿalayhis-salām, Muslim Spain, the Crusades and the Ottomans
– Beliefs Regarding the Ṣifāt of Allāh
– Taqwā, Tawakkul, Tawbah
– Etiquettes of Transactions and Dealings

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This is the eighth book in the series Islamic Curriculum workbook 8. It discusses essential issues such as marriage (nikah), divorce (talaq), anecdotes from the Prophet’s sayings regarding forgiveness, and the biography of ‘Uthman (RA), a revered character in Islamic history. You’ll also learn about Ayyub’s tale, the notion of Iman (faith), how life might be brief, and how to conduct polite arguments and conversations in this book.

Subject Topics Details
Coursebook Guide Age Range 13 – 14yrs
Fiqh Prayer, Marriage, Financial Transactions, Legal Methodology Nafl Salah, Khushu’, Salah with Jama’ah, Nikah process, Mahr, Walimah, Talaq, ‘Iddah, Buyu’ (Transactions), Taqlid (Following a Madhab), Ijarah (Leasing), Riba (Usury), Gambling.
Ahadith 15 Ahadith Not having hatred, Spending for Allah, Disliked actions, Salam, Rights of a Muslim, Status of a Mu’min, Reward of patience, Forgiving, True wealth, Ease of Islam, Sweetness of Iman, Salah, Closeness to Allah, Power of Allah, Self-sufficiency.
Sirah Notable Figures Shama’il ‘Uthman, ‘Ali, Their lives and works, Ayyub, History of Andalusia, The Crusades, The Ottomans.
‘Aqa’id Beliefs Attributes of Allah, Istiwa’, Iman, Consulting the ‘Ulama’.
Akhlaq Moral Conduct Shortness of life, Taqwa, Tawakkul, Tawbah, Modesty in gaze.
Adab Etiquette and Transactions Mu’amalat (social interactions), Debate and discussions, Nikah, Seller and Buyer etiquette, General shopping manners.

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