Safar Islamic Studies: Workbook 1


The first workbook of the Safar Islamic curriculum.
Key topics discussed in this book include:
– Shahādah, the Six Articles of Faith
– Overview of the Five Pillars and Cleanliness
– Brief Stories of Ādam, Nūḥ, Ibrāhīm, Yūnus, Mūsā and ʿĪsā ʿalayhimus-salām
– Childhood of Prophet Muḥammad ṣallallāhu ʿalayhi wa-sallam
– Classroom Rules and Etiquettes

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The Safar Academy Islamic Studies series aims to cumulatively build children`s essential Islamic knowledge, cultivate good manners, and instill God-consciousness. With extensive references from Quran and ahadith, the new edition of the textbook has been developed to ensure that it is enjoyable for children as well as comprehensive and reliable.

Aqidah Fiqh History & Sirah Personal/Language Development
Who am I? The five pillars of Islam ❤ Story of Nabi Ādam Saying salām❤
Paradise and Hell Keeping clean Story of Nabi Nūḥ Alif to ya of little reminders
Shahadah❤ Using the toilet ❤ Story of Nabi Ibrāhīm Classroom rules
The six articles of faith❤ How to do wuḍū❤ Story of Nabi Yunus Everyday du’a’s❤
The four angels and their jobs Names of the five daily Salah Story of Nabi Mūsā Arabic alphabet
Belief in Allah ❤ Times of the five daily Salah Story of Nabī īsā
Belief in His angels Basic Salah positions Story of Nabī Muḥammad
Belief in His books❤ Fasting (Sawm)
Belief in His messengers Zakah and sadaqah
Belief in the Day of Judgement Hajj
All good and bad is from Allah❤ Islamic months

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