An-Nasihah Islamic Curriculum: Coursebook 5


The fifth part of the An-Nasihah Islamic Curriculum series.
Key topics of this part include:
– Tayammum, Various Rulings of Ṣalāh and Ḥajj and ʿUmrah
– Aḥādīth on Promises, Backbiting, Names of Allāh, etc.
– Conquest of Makkah, the Final Pilgrimage, and the Departure of the Prophet ṣallallāhu ʿalayhi wa-sallam
– Stories of Mūsā ʿalayhis-salām and ʿĪsā ʿalayhis-salām
– Death, Journey after Death, Jannah, Jahannam
– Patience, Gifts and Dhikr
– Etiquettes of Ghusl, Interactions and Visiting the Sick

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This is the fifth book in the series Islamic Curriculum. It discusses major topics like as hajj and ‘umrah (Mecca pilgrimages), anecdotes from the Prophet’s sayings on avoiding backbiting (ghibah), and the Treaty of Hudaybiyah. You’ll also hear stories about Musa and ‘Isa, learn about paradise (Jannah) and hell (Jahannam), discover why patience is so essential, and learn how to communicate with people.

Subject Topics Details
Coursebook Guide Age Range 10 – 11yrs
Fiqh Miscellaneous Points of Wudu’, Tayammum in Detail, Sunan of Salah, Forbidden and Disliked Times of Salah, Salah of a Masbuq, Qada Salah, Id Salah, Hajj and ‘Umrah, Ziyarah
Ahadith 10 Ahadith Promises, Tongue Ghibah, Intoxicants, Beauty of a Person’s Islam, Carrying Tales, 99 Names of Allah, Importance of the Last 3 Surahs (Mu’awwidhat), Speaking Good, Good Character
Sirah Life of Our Beloved Messenger Muhammad Treaty of Hudaybiyyah, Bay’ah ar-Ridwan, The Message of Islam Spreads, ‘Umratul Qada, Conquest of Makkah, The Battle of Hunain, The March to Tabuk, The Farewell Pilgrimage, The Messenger Leaves the World
Tarikh Prophets Musa, ‘Isa
‘Aqa’id Beliefs Death, Journey after death, Jannah, Description, Seeing Allah, Actions that Lead to Jannah, Jahannam: Description, Actions that Lead to Jahannam, A’raf, Introduction to Taqdir, Our Beliefs with Regard to Allah, Our Beliefs with Regard to the Prophets and the Sahabah
Akhlaq Moral Values Asking Advice (Mashwarah), Patience, Ties of Kinship, Exchanging Gifts and Honoring the Guest, Virtues of Dhikr
Adab Etiquette Ghusl, Social Interaction, Writing, Siwak, Visiting the Sick

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