An-Nasihah Islamic Curriculum: Coursebook 6 Boys


The sixth part of the An-Nasihah Islamic Curriculum series.
Key topics of this part include:
– Impurities, Maturity in Boys, Imāmat, Janāzah
– Aḥādīth on Major Sins, Love for the Prophet, etc.
– Shamāʾil, Life of Abū Bakr, the Mothers of the Believers
– Stories of Dāwūd, Sulaymān and Yūnus ʿalayhimus-salām, an Introduction to Islamic History, the Umayyads
– Beliefs Regarding Prophethood, the Companions and the Pious
– Bullying, Pride and Following the Sunnah
– Etiquettes of Moderation, Hygiene, etc.

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This is the sixth book in the series Islamic Curriculum. It discusses topics such as how boys grow up, what to do when someone dies (jana’iz), the purpose of Friday prayer (jumu’ah), anecdotes from the Prophet’s sayings regarding significant sins, details about the Prophet’s look and character (shama’il), and the biography of Abu Bakr (ra). You’ll also read stories of Dawud and Sulayman, hear about Isra’ and Mi’raj’s trip, grasp why oppression is detrimental, and realize how vital women are in society in this book.

Subject Topics Details
Coursebook Guide Age Range 11 – 12yrs
Fiqh Types of Water, Impurities and Cleaning Methods, Maturity in Boys, Wajib Acts of Salah, Masa’il of Being an Imam, Jana’iz, Jumu’ah Salah, Adhan and Iqamah Detailed study of water types, purification methods, rites of passage, obligatory acts in prayer, funeral rites, Friday prayer, and the call to prayer.
Ahadith 15 Ahadith Major Sins, Pride, Good Character, Health, and Free Time, Truth and Lies, Love for the Messenger, Islam’s Pillars, Qur’an’s Role, Timeliness of Prayer, Respect for Parents, Social Conduct, Charity, Observing Ramadan, Friendship
Sirah Significant Figures and Events Shama’il, Life of Abu Bakr, Stories of Dawud, Sulayman, Yunus, Islamic history overview, The Umayyad era.
‘Aqa’id Islamic Beliefs Ahlus Sunnah wal Jama’ah, Prophethood, Companions’ ranks, The Rightly Guided Caliphs, The Ten Promised Paradise, The Awliya’, Miracles, The Night Journey and Ascension.
Akhlaq Character Building Addressing Oppression, Bullying, Envy, Backbiting, Pride, Emulating the Prophet’s Sunnah.
Adab Etiquette and Manners Moderation in spending, Women’s role in society, Etiquettes of religious gatherings, Personal cleanliness.

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