Safar Islamic Studies: Textbook 5


The fifth part of the Safar Islamic Studies Curriculum.
Key topics discussed in this book include:
– Death, Signs of the Last Day
– Rulings of Ṣalāh in Detail
– Stories of Ayyūb, Yūnus and Dāwūd ʿalayhimus-salām
– Conquest of Makkah
– Islamic Dress Code

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The third edition of the Safar Islamic Studies series aims to cumulatively build children’s essential Islamic knowledge, cultivate good character, and instill God-consciousness. With extensive references from the Quran and ahadith, this new edition has been developed to ensure that it is enjoyable for children as well as comprehensive and reliable.

Aqidah Fiqh History & Sirah Personal Development
Names of Allah❤ Types of rulings Prophet Ayyub Making Salah part of life
Angels, books and messengers Wudu’: fard, sunnah and makruh❤ Prophet Yunus ❤ Islamic dress code
From Hell to Paradise Ghusl: fard, sunnah and makruh❤ Dawud and Jalut Good character and sins ❤
Signs of the Last Day II Times of Salah Prophet Dawud
Description of the Last Day Forbidden and disliked prayer times Letter to Heraclius
Death Basics of tayammum Conquest of Makkah
Sunnah mu’akkadah and ghair mu’akkadah
Fard acts of Salah❤
Breakers of Salah
Disliked acts Salah
Rules and reward of fasting❤

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