Safar Islamic Studies: Textbook 4


The fourth part of the Safar Islamic Studies Curriculum.
Key topics discussed in this book include:
– Paradise, Hell, Miracles, Duties of the Prophets
– Impurities, Wuḍū, Ghusl, Ṣalāh
– Stories of Ibrāhim ʿalayhis-salām and Dhul Qarnayn
– Companions of Prophet Muḥammad ṣallallāhu ʿalayhi wa-sallam
– Virtues of Actions, Brotherhood

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The Safar Learn about Islam Series aims to build a child’s essential Islamic knowledge, cultivate good character, and instil God consciousness. With extensive references from the Qur’an and Sunnah, the books are comprehensive and reliable. Content is also presented in an age-appropriate manner to ensure it is relevant for today’s learners. Furthermore, vivid design and illustration ensure the books are also enjoyable for young learners.

Aqidah Fiqh History & Sirah Personal Development
Names of Allah ❤ Najasah Prophet Ibrahim ❤ Virtues of actions
Angels and their duties Model wudu’❤ Story of Dhul Qarnayn Importance of Salah
Gardens of Paradise and fire of Hell Model ghusl ❤ Story of Dhul Qarnayn Good character and brotherhood❤
Signs of the Last Day I Model tayammum Battle of the Trench
Day of Judgement Model Salah ❤ Hudaybiyyah
Miracles Islamic calendar
Characteristics and duties of the prophets Fasting and Ramadan ❤
Sins and shirk❤❤
Love for the Prophet❤

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