Safar Islamic Studies: Textbook 8


The eighth part of the Safar Islamic Studies Curriculum.
Key topics discussed in this book include:
– Being Like the Prophet
– History of the Muslim World
– Belief in the Existence of God
– The Qurʾān: From Revelation to Preservation
– Rulings of ʿUmrah and Ḥajj
– Money Matters
– Stories of the Prophets
– The Four Schools of Fiqh
– Muslim Contributions to Modern Civilization
– Living Islam Today
– Islam and Science
– Tazkiyah: Spiritual Purification
– al-Shamāʾil al-Muḥammadiyyah

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This set of books continues to deliver our aim and ambition to ensure our books are not just perfect for use in the classroom, but they are also life guides for Muslims growing up today. Our secondary series fulfils a purpose beyond the classroom; the books may be used by advanced learners, home schoolers, youth clubs, informal study groups, ḥalaqahs and independent readers and adult learners.

Unit 1: Essential Knowledge & Unit 4: Islamic History Unit 3: Fiqh (Rituals and Rulings) Unit 2: Islamic Beliefs & Unit 7: Personal and Spiritual Development
The Basics of Islam Perfecting Salah through Voluntary Prayers Belief in the Existence of God
Being Like the Prophet: Everyday Sunnahs Imamah: Leading Salah The Holy Qur’an: From Revelation to Preservation
History of the Muslim World: A Timeline Hajj – The Great Pilgrimage: ‘Umrah Alam al-Ghayb: The Hidden Realm
Stories of the Prophets: Musa and Harun Part 1 & Part 2 Hajj – The Great Pilgrimage: The Rites of Hajj ‘Adl and Fadl: Divine Justice and Grace
Lives of the sahabah: The Companions of the Prophet Money Matters: Rulings and Obligations Tazkiyah: Spiritual Growth and Purification
Understanding the Qur’an and Sunnah: The Four Schools of Figh Death and Burial Qualities of a Believer: Dealing with Needs and Hardship
Muslim Contributions to Modern Civilization Knowledge and action in a Muslim’s Life
The Beauty of the Prophet
Al-Shama’il al-Muhammadiyyah
Unit 5: Contemporary Issues & Unit 6: Lifestyle and Community
Living Islam Today
Islam and Science: An Introduction
Everyday Social Etiquette and Manners
The Masjid

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