Safar Islamic Studies: Workbook 7


The seventh workbook of the Safar Islamic curriculum.
Key topics discussed in this book include:
– Basics of Islam
– Timeline of the life of the Prophet ṣallallāhu ʿalayhi wa-sallam
– Ḥadīth of Jibrīl
– Rulings of Ṣalāh, Zakāh and Fasting
– Entering into Adulthood
– Stories of the Prophets
– Muslim Contributions to Modern Civilization
– Being Muslim Today
– Technology and Social Media
– Journey of the Soul

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The Safar Academy Islamic Studies series aims to cumulatively build children`s essential Islamic knowledge, cultivate good manners, and instill God-consciousness. With extensive references from Quran and ahadith, the new edition of the textbook has been developed to ensure that it is enjoyable for children as well as comprehensive and reliable.


Unit 1: Essential Knowledge Unit 3: Fiqh (Rituals and Rulings) Unit 4: Islamic History & Unit 6: Lifestyle and Community
The Basics of Islam Purification and Wudu’ Stories of the Prophets: Yusuf: Part 1 ❤
The Life of the Prophet: A Timeline The Qiblah Stories of the Prophets: Yusuf: Part 2
Rulings of Salah: Stories of the Prophets: Zakariyya, Yahya & Aal Imran
Unit 2: Islamic Beliefs Doubts, Masbuq and Lahiq❤ Stories of the Prophets: Isa
The Hadith of Jibril❤ Salah in Exceptional Circumstances❤ Lives of the sahabah: The Ten who were Promised Paradise
Qadar: The Story of Musa and Khidr Salat al-Jumu’ah Muslim Contributions to Modern Civilisation
Belief in Allah and the Truth of Islam Fasting and I’tikaf❤ Social Customs and Etiquette
The Days of Eid❤ Technology and social media
Zakah and Sadaqah
Entering Adulthood: For Boys
Entering Adulthood: For Girls
Unit 5: Contemporary Issues Unit 7: Personal and Spiritual Development
Being Muslim Today Al-Qur’an: The Creator’s Guide for Human Beings
Journey of the Soul: Part 1
Journey of the Soul: Part 2
Being Like the Prophet: Eating and Drinking

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